Sarah Moronne
Let me start with Erica is absolutely amazing! I went into this process feeling I had a really good idea of what is healthy and how to eat. As I worked with Erica I have a whole new understanding of food and how to balance my meals and days to work best for my body. Over the 3 months of working with her I lost 17.7lbs and transformed my mind & body completely. I can honestly say I have the best body of my life because of Erica's guidance and understanding of making this a lifestyle not a diet. I’ve had a number of friends see my results and go running to Erica for help as well. This is my 2nd time working with her and each time I learn more and more. Thank you Erica for getting me to such a great place, I feel amazing everyday and can’t thank you enough!
Keith Lissner
Vice President / Design Director of Vera Wang Bridal and Made to Order
Just wanted to send a quick shout out to Erica Giovinazzo and her Food & Fitness Challenge!! I did the FFC in May and I loved it so much I kept doing it. It is now the way I live (plus CrossFit very regularly). It was slow going at first... in fact my actual weight has never changed (the same to the pound), BUT, I lost roughly 5% body fat since May and my before and after pictures are pretty awesome!!
Pierre Downing
The change began that faithful day last December when you called me out for my shoddy attendance at BRICK. Little did you know that sparked something in me, and fueled a partial participating in the Jan 2014 FFC, an up-tick in attendance from once every 2-3 weeks to, at a minimum, 1-2 classes per week. My first competition followed suit in April 2013 where I placed in the top 10, then classes became a regular for me... At the end of the day, you were the catalyst in igniting my journey for a more fit lifestyle, and I will forever be indebted to you.
BTW my pants (in “plus” sizes) went from size 26/28 to 14/16 so far.. getting there... little by little. Soon.. I can be the biggest size in “reg” sizes. This is the slowest I’ve ever lost weight. But the best I’ve ever felt as I seek balance in my life. All the years of crash dieting and losing pounds fast and burning out and gaining back more than I lost on a binge...it never felt good. Now I feel better. So, thank you very much for the help. 🙂
Tavi Tisnado
Thanks for doing this and for all your tireless support. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading your posts and digesting all the info you give. It’s wonderful and super helpful and supportive! I’ve done challenges at my other box and I love this one so much more - I feel this challenge and “lifestyle” way of eating is much easier to do in real life... I feel better than I have ever and I owe it to you and your help.
Sara Benedetto
Having Erica as a coach and nutritionist has been nothing less than life changing. I first came to her brand new to Cross fit, with huge long-term goals of losing a lot of weight, gaining muscle and getting fit. I didn’t think I was capable of doing CrossFit or lifting much weight, even though I was working as hard as I could and going 5 days a week. I ate as healthy as I knew how but was unable to lose a single pound. Just before I met her, I was feeling physically exhausted, out of shape and discouraged about the huge amount of weight I had gained over the years. When I began having Erica as a coach my CrossFit skills began to improve right away and I started slowly lifting heavier. She explains things in such a clear way that anyone can understand and improve. After I did my first FFC with Erica I saw excellent results in weight loss, % body fat loss and increasing muscle. Following the FFC she gave me maintenance macros to follow and after one year of following her guidance I lost 35 lbs.! It has taken me a lot of hard work, but I never felt alone on this journey because Erica was there for support, advice, and to cheer me on. After a year of having Erica as a nutritionist and CrossFit coach I feel so much better in my body, healthier and so proud of my journey—I will forever be grateful to her for changing my life. No matter what your goals are around fitness and nutrition, you will be heard, supported and taught in a way that makes you inevitably reach your goals by working with Erica.
Annie Benedetto
I am so thankful I found Erica to be my nutritionist and trainer! I honestly can’t think of any other person I know (in any industry) who is more knowledgeable, professional, or passionate about their work than she is. Under her guidance, I have hit PRs and acquired skills that I never thought possible. She knows exactly when, and how much, to push you — always to the point where you’re putting in your all, but NEVER to the point of injury. She is positive, kind, and invested in every single athlete she encounters. One of my favorite things about her fitness and nutrition advice is that it's lasting - regardless of your age, fitness level, or goals, she will create a well rounded program that works for you. Want to see lasting results in as little as 28 days? Try the Food and Fitness Challenge she created - individual nutrition programming and guidance that will make you feel better than you’ve ever felt before. Erica, you’ve gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals. Thank you for all that you do!
Madalyn Morris
Upon looking at me you would notice a middle aged woman who is fit, muscular and trim but when I got on the Body Composition Scale it said something different. It showed how much body fat I had and it was shocking! Erica's expertise and loving guidance got me past the shock and helped me make a doable yet challenging plan. She designed my daily caloric and macro intake plan. She teaches you the importance of food prep and how to set yourself up for success. She's always available for questions and is your own personal cheerleader. Doing Erica's program really made me think about the choices I used to make around food. I can happily share that I am a conscious eater now and do not feel deprived whatsoever! I am so happy, aware and grateful and I've never felt better. Just do it!!
Rob Kotecki
I’ve been participating in Erica’s FFC for years now, and the reason is simple: it works. Sometimes it’s merely been a tune-up, resetting my habits, and other times it’s worked miracles, including losing over 6% body fat while gaining two pounds of muscle at one point. And all that without starvation or energy crashing, in a program that has always left me feeling better than ever. That’s why, to this day, I sign up for FFC every chance I get.