Group Food & Fitness Challenge


The Group Food & Fitness Challenge is the best way to focus on your body composition, energy, and health for 28 days. You’ll get personalized nutrition goals (calories, carbs, protein, and fat) from Erica, weekly food reviews, and more… and all done with a group! There is something about going through the experience together (even when we’re all remote) that makes it so much easier to succeed.
The next group challenge will be Monday September 12 – Sunday October 9 and for the first time ever I’m announcing the FFC Advanced: Longevity Challenge which will happen alongside the regular FFC! 
What you get:
  • Personalized calories & macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) calculated by Erica
  • Weekly food review of your food journal
  • Goals for:
    • Food (i.e. what types of food to have)
    • Fitness
    • Hydration
    • Sleep
    • Meditation
    • Recovery
  • Lower body fat (if desired) & improved health
  • Discounts
  • NEW updated tracking sheets
  • Recipe book and grocery list (more recipes!)
  • Daily emails to keep you on track
  • And a prize for the top participant!
Don’t miss this opportunity to give yourself the time and attention you deserve to get healthier, have more energy, perform better in your sport, and improve your body composition!

The group challenge can also be organized for businesses to help promote a healthy work environment, optimal performance, and team bonding. Please contact Erica for details.

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  1. Pre- and post- body composition test included
  2. Body composition test not included (for remote participants)

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September 2022

Body Composition Tests

Included, Not included (for remote participants)


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