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The Erica’s Edge Food & Fitness Challenge (FFC) is the most effective way to improve your body composition, energy, and health. You’ll get personalized nutrition goals from me, webinars / videos to get you through each day, and more

The public Food & Fitness Challenge is already underway. To be notified of the next challenge dates, email me! To sign up for the PRIVATE FFC at Left Hand Muay Thai, keep reading!
The FFC is a Challenge, but it also indirectly ends up being a nutrition course because you are going to learn so, SO much. With daily video/emails and regular posts in the group’s community app, you will walk away from this not only healthier, looking better, and more fit, but you’ll also have a heck of a lot of knowledge about why and how nutrition, fitness, and the mind work the way they do.
What you get:
  • Personalized calories & macronutrient goals (i.e. grams of protein, carbs, fat) calculated by me!
  • Goals:
    • Hit your personalized macronutrients
    • Eliminate added sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and gluten
    • Fitness (4x week)
    • Bonus goals for:
      • Hydration
      • Sleep
      • Meditation
      • Recovery
  • Daily videos & emails – you will learn a LOT about nutrition, I promise!
  • Lower body fat (1 – 6% is typical), better energy, improved health
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • Community & group support
  • Tracking sheets
  • Recipes
  • Grocery list
  • A $200 cash prize to the top participant (or 2 winners get $100 each)

Dates: May 5 – June 15

Phase 1: Prep Week (1 week). During this time, you’ll learn everything you need to know to have a successful challenge and Erica will give you personalized macronutrient and hydration recommendations. If you sign up for the body composition test add-on, you’ll do that during this time. You’ll learn a LOT during this week, and know everything you need for phase 2!

Phase 2: Go Time (4 weeks). This is the “Challenge.” You’ll avoid gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners and alcohol, and have other goals to reach for fitness, hydration, and more. If you signed up for the body composition test, then at the end of Phase 2, you’ll do your post-FFC body comp and see the data on the change you’ve made!

Phase 3: Transition Week (1 week). During this week, you’re continuing with the FFC rules but with one “off day” where you can eat / drink what you want. 

Food & Fitness Challenge Price (add to cart below!): $155

Body composition test optionaladd-on: Get an InBody test done to find out your body fat percentage, muscle mass, body fat mass, and basal metabolic rate. You’ll do this pre- and post- phase 2 so you can see the changes that are made during the Challenge! Available to participants in greater Boulder, Colorado and Los Angeles. If you have your own place to get this done, please feel free and you don’t need to include the add-on then. $35 add-on (add to cart below).

Personalized portion guide optionaladd-on: Personalized portion guide based on your macronutrients. If you’d like to see a sample, email me. $35 add-on (add to cart below).

Want VIP status??? Only 5 spots available. $130 add-on. Sign-up and get:

  • Weekly food journal review and feedback
  • 15-minute private phone call
  • Unlimited text and email access to me

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Erica Giovinazzo, a Registered Dietitian and an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition from NYU. I’ve also been a CSSD (Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics), Nike Master Trainer, and currently coach CrossFit (CF-L2) privately and at Koda CrossFit Iron View in Colorado.

I’ve had my private practice since 2012 when I also created the Food & Fitness Challenge (FFC) to help people look and feel their best without doing a stupid cleanse or diet that wrecks your body and gives you temporary results. Let me be clear: I’m interested in changing your life.  I LOVE what I do and love seeing the results that I help people achieve! I also practice what I preach. I follow macros, practice balance, work my butt off, and sometimes struggle just like every other human and eat too much. I love being a CrossFit athlete and coach, hiking, camping, skiing, my dog Leo, and living in Colorado. I’m excited to help you on this journey, so let’s goooo!!!

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