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Anti-Aging Secret: Eat an Apple a Day

Could a Spot of Tea Help ADHD?

Why Fish Is a Real Man’s Food

Joint Pain? Foods Scientifically Proven to Reduce Pain

Drinking Water Is the Magic Weight Loss Trick

Echinacea Versus the Common Cold: Latest Studies Prove Herb Wins

Bodybuilders: How to Get Buff Without the Supplements

Pumpkin’s Powerful Potential to Fight Disease

Bariatric Surgery: Lose Weight, Gain Memory

Eliminate Heart Attack Risk with Help from CNN Documentary

Diabetes Defense: Lower Your Risk by Lowering Your Calorie Intake

Could Blueberries Lower Your Cholesterol?

Will Cutting Back on Salt Really Lower Your Blood Pressure?

School Vending Machines Mean Poor Nutrition for Kids

The Hay Fever Diet: Could These Foods Help Reduce Symptoms?

How the Internet Is Encouraging Eating Disorders

Spicy Turmeric Helps in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Heart Disease Prevention: 5 Ways to Help Keep Your Heart Healthy

Seeing Is Believing Skip Cataract Surgery Eat Your Veggies

Diet Trick: Food That Is Out of Sight Stays Out of Stomach

3 Magic Foods to Fight Food Cravings

Knee Pain’s Spicy Enemy: Try Red Hot Chili Pepper Cream

Could Eating Protein Help Your Reaction Time?

Skip the Fancy Fruit and Tea Drinks for the Real Deal

BAI Calculator: A New Way to Track Weight Loss

Asthma Prevention Diet: The Nutrients Under Investigation

Ditch the Packaged Foods for Fresh Fare

Garlic Health Benefits Galore: 4 Reasons to Eat a Clove a Day

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips: Eat These Superfoods

Why Vegetarians Need to Eat Their B12

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief: Try the Kiwifruit Cure

Pilates Exercises Help Improve Flexibility But Lacks Cardio Benefits

Do Omega-3’s Help Postpartum Depression or Fish Oil Hype

Antioxidant Powers of Pecans

PMS Relief: Hello Vitamin D, Bye-Bye Cramps and Bloating

Breakfast May Sabotage Your Diet

Runners for a Painless Marathon, Try Tart Cherry Juice & Ginger

Are Omega 3s Helpful After a Heart Attack?

Why Splenda Isn’t So Sweet

Bye-Bye UTI. Red, Orange and Dark Green Veggies Reduce Symptoms

The Double D Diet Method: Dairy and Vitamin D

Drink Milk in the Summer. Could Milk Be a Seasonal Drink?

Constipation Relief Thanks to Kombucha, Sauerkraut, and Miso

Two Drinks a Day May Put You at Risk For Cancer

The Antibiotic Cure For IBS

Two Drinks a Day May Put You at Risk For Cancer

The Antibiotic Cure For IBS

Temptation Is a Matter of Memory

Good-Bye Food Poisoning: President Signs Food Safety Bill

Is Multitasking Making You Fat?

Infants and Over-the-Counter Cold Meds: A Deadly Combo

5 Tips to Lift Your Emotions and Whittle Your Waist

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Not a Breastfed One

The Culprit Behind Your Cluster Headaches

Bugs Bunny’s Anti-Aging Secret

The Power of Pomegranate

Unbelievable Diet Trick: Visualize Chocolate

Western Diet Lacks Healthy Bacteria Kids Need

High-Protein Diets May Weaken Your Bones

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables to Prevent Breast Cancer

6 Diet-Destroying Foods to Avoid at Holiday Parties

Ginger: A Natural Remedy for Nausea

Size Matters: Women Misperceive Body Size

Sleeping Beauties: Teen Girls Who Sleep Better, Eat Better

Lose Belly Fat Eat More Whole Grains

Hidden Truth: Inside Kids’ Food

The “Organic” Myth on your Plate

The Kidney Stone Prevention Diet

Supplements Unlikely to Aid in Prostate Cancer Prevention

The Scary Truth Inside Baby Food

New Moms: Breastfeeding May Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

A Yummy Fruit That Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Virgin Drinks: No Alcohol, No Breast Cancer

No Health Benefits To Bottled Tea

Women: Lower Heart Disease Risk By 30%

Western Diet Increases Risk Of ADHD In Teens

Dieting News: Low-Carb Better for Heart than Low-Fat Diet

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines: What’s Changed?

Calcium May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk

Childhood Snacking on the Rise

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