About Erica

I’m a Registered Dietitian, fitness professional, barbell enthusiast and a lover of all things outdoors.

I’m obsessed with helping people balance their macros and lift heavier things but my true passion comes from helping them realize their full potential in the process. 

I know you’re here because you have big goals. 

AND I know that not everyone understands what it feels like to want to push yourself to the next level… because I’ve been there too.

When I was in my 20’s I set out to become an actress. And I wanted a lean, tight physique to go along with my new career. 

While I was technically at a healthy weight by most standards, it didn’t change the fact that I wanted to truly transform my body. I still wanted to be healthy, but I also wanted to get ripped and look like a badass!

So I reached out to a dietitian to help me get there. I was excited to reach my goals healthily and to have someone in my corner to motivate and encourage me.

Only that’s NOT what happened.

It turns out that she didn’t think my body composition goal was necessary since my weight was within a healthy range. Instead, she made me feel silly for my big goals, handed me a copy of the food pyramid and sent me on my way.


I left our first meeting feeling completely dismissed, discouraged and unheard.

But I wasn’t ready to quit just yet.  I found a new dietitian who really listened to me and was excited about my goals. She helped me change my eating habits and truly leverage the power of nutrition to help me look and feel incredible.

“Working with a supportive coach who understood the magic of nutrition inspired me to do the same.”

I went back to school and got a Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition from NYU and completed my dietetic internship at NYU Medical Center.

At the same time in this life-changing year, I found CrossFit. I walked into my first class and was blown away by the strength of the women. 

They had muscles and they were badass! One girl was doing 100 burpee pull-ups for time (the workout known as “GI Jane”) and another was clean and jerking my body weight for reps.

My first workout left me on the floor gasping for air and wondering if you could tear your lungs working out (my first experience of “fire-breathing” and “Fran lungs”). 

This seemingly innocent (albeit challenging) workout changed my trajectory, my relationship with my body, and, honestly… it changed my life. I stopped caring as much about how skinny I could be and started caring more about how strong I could be.

Between experiencing the power of nutrition and realizing the limitless capabilities of our bodies, I became a woman on a mission.

I started helping people learn to do the same. 

I wanted everyone to experience how the food we eat can make us feel stronger and faster, and change our body composition to match our goals.


I wanted every person I trained to know and realize that they can be fitter, and stronger, and do things they never thought possible… whether you’re a woman or a man… whether you’re 16 or 61 years old.  

And now this brings me to YOU.

You need someone in your corner who gets it. Who is excited for you to reach your goals (maybe even more excited than you?!)

If you want to achieve it, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible.

As your coach, I’m not just here to guide you through workouts or calculate your recommended protein intake. I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader, your confidant, your partner in pushing the limits, and your teammate in discovering your path.

I know you didn’t come to this page to be mediocre.

You are here for badassery. 

You are here to change your life.

And good news…that’s what I’m all about!

I’m here to help you become the strongest, fiercest, most badass version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

Things We Can Do Together

Fuel yourself for your first marathon or prep for your first CrossFit competition

Plan how to navigate your work dinners or work travel

Make weight for your fight or Olympic lifting meet 

Get your body ready for your next role on the stage or for TV or film

Hit a new snatch PR

Feel your absolute best for your wedding, vacation, or… how about just for the rest of your life?

Fun Facts About Me

I grew up in New Hampshire but I’ve lived in NYC, Los Angeles, and now live in Boulder, Colorado

I’m a dog mamma to the sweetest pup named Leo

I am fluent in Italian (although a little out of practice!)

I once had a job couriering rare violins all over Europe including Mozart's first violin!

Growing up I did martial arts and played tennis, and was a fencer in college.

My Fancy Titles

Master’s of Science in Clinical Nutrition from NYU

Registered Dietitian

Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Professional

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

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