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Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Programs for Lasting Results

Ready to unlock your full potential and achieve long-lasting results?
Let’s do it! Here’s how I can help:

Personalized nutrition programs focused on macronutrient balance that support your unique goals AND fit your lifestyle too.



Personal remote training or programming to help you reach your goals whether that’s becoming a better CrossFitter, enhancing aesthetics, or just getting back to working out.



Kick-start your transformation with a proven, effective, and educational 6-week challenge – without any harmful cleanses or crash diets.

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Nutrition and macronutrient balance play a huge role in helping you reach goals…but I know it can feel a bit confusing.
That’s exactly why I created this FREE guide! You’ll learn:

All about macros and how they impact your body and health.

The top food picks I recommend for optimal wellness.

Plus you’ll get practical portion size advice to help you crush your goals.

Hi, I’m erica

registered dietitian & crossfit coach

I help people transform their bodies and health while helping them realize just how good they are capable of feeling in the process.

Let me be clear: 

I’m not interested in putting you on a diet. I’m interested in changing your life.

A Registered Dietitian and CrossFit coach since 2012, I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of people to achieve their goals, whether it’s losing body fat and gaining muscle, getting their first muscle-up, lowering cholesterol, healing their gut, or simply improving their overall health. 


"I started working with Erica because I wanted to lose weight, feel better, but continue lifting and gaining strength. She started with a simple macro based plan for me that taught me so much about my food but also allowed me freedom for special events, busy weeks, and treating myself. As we have continued to work together I have lost almost 20 pounds and 5% body fat and have been able to gain muscle through all of this. She always listens to how I am managing things and is always ready with substitutes to make my life and nutrition easier. She has taken away a lot of the stress and anxiety I have had about food and weight loss in the past and I am so excited to keep working with her!"

Kelsey Lynch

"I am so thankful I found Erica to be my nutritionist and trainer! I honestly can’t think of any other person I know (in any industry) who is more knowledgeable, professional, or passionate about their work than she is. Under her guidance, I have hit PRs and acquired skills that I never thought possible. She knows exactly when, and how much, to push you — always to the point where you’re putting in your all, but NEVER to the point of injury. She is positive, kind, and invested in every single athlete she encounters. Erica, you’ve gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals. Thank you for all that you do!"

Annie Benedetto

"Over the 3 months of working with Erica I lost 17.7 lbs and transformed my mind & body completely. I can honestly say I have the best body of my life because of Erica's guidance and understanding of making this a lifestyle, not a diet. I’ve had a number of friends see my results and go running to Erica for help as well. This is my 2nd time working with her and each time I learn more and more. Thank you Erica for getting me to such a great place, I feel amazing every day and can’t thank you enough!"

Sarah Moronne

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